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So Far So Good Digital Album



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  1. A Night Like Any Other Night.mp3
  2. Acceptable Risks.mp3
  3. Acres of Clams.mp3
  4. Are You Now or Have You Ever Been....mp3
  5. Ballad of Anita Hill.mp3
  6. Bring Back the Eight Hour Day.mp3
  7. Buy, Buy This American Car.mp3
  8. Charlie Armadillo.mp3
  9. Dancing Boilerman.mp3
  10. Don't Ask, Don't Tell.mp3
  11. Growing Up and Slowing Down.mp3
  12. If Baboons Can Work It Out....mp3
  13. If Jimmy Didn't Have to Go.mp3
  14. If You Want Peace.mp3
  15. Imagine Health Care.mp3
  16. Last Night Danny Went Sailing.mp3
  17. Little Jewish Ladies for Buchanan.mp3
  18. Manpower Problem.mp3
  19. Nobody Ever Gets Killed in Our House.mp3
  20. Ordinary Love Song.mp3
  21. Our Life Is More Than Our Work.mp3
  22. Pour Yourself Out in Love.mp3
  23. Send in the Drones.mp3
  24. Shoes.mp3
  25. Sing Mandela Free.mp3
  26. So May We All.mp3
  27. Step Into the Holy Circle.mp3
  28. Terror On Sesame St.mp3
  29. The Hammer Has to Fall.mp3
  30. The News, The Blues and the People Take II.mp3
  31. The War Has Been Coming Home.mp3
  32. The Worst You've Ever Done.mp3
  33. There Is a Wall.mp3
  34. Tinky Winky.mp3
  35. Trickle Up.mp3
  36. Trying to Find a Way Home.mp3
  37. Two Good Arms.mp3
  38. Vaguely Reminiscent of the 60's.mp3
  39. Wrap That Rascal.mp3
  40. Yanira Merino.mp3

Appears in: Digital Albums

1. Our Life is More Than Our Work

2. Ordinary Love Song

3. The Dancing Boilerman

4. Acceptable Risks

5. Acres of Clams

6. Two Good Arms

7. Vaguely Reminiscent of the Sixties

8. The Hammer Has to Fall

9. Are You Now or Have You Ever Been…?

10. Trying to Find a Way Home

11. Nobody Ever Gets Killed in Our House

12. Buy, Buy This American Car

13. Last Night Danny Went Sailing

14. So May We All

15. Charlie Armadillo

16. There Is A Wall

17. A Night Like Any Other Night

18. Ballad of Anita Hill

19. If Jimmy Didn’t Have to Go

20. The War Has Been Coming Home


1. Sing Mandela Free

2. Step Into the Holy Circle

3. Wrap That Rascal

4. *Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

5. Bring Back the Eight Hour Day

6. Little Jewish Ladies for Buchanan

7. Yanira Merino

8. Tinky Winky

9. Terror on Sesame St

10. If You Want Peace

11. The Worst You’ve Ever Done

12. If Baboons Can Work it Out

13. Growing Up and Slowing Down

14. The News, The Blues &The People Take 2

15. *Imagine Healthcare

16. Trickle Up

17. *Send in the Drones

18. *Shoes

19. *Manpower Problem

20. Pour Yourself Out in Love

 *Newly Recorded