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Life & Love, Tears & Laughter Digital Album



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  1. Big Al's Gone to Jersey.mp3
  2. It's a Pleasure to Know You.mp3
  3. Kristallnacht Is Coming.mp3
  4. Middle Creek.mp3
  5. One in Six.mp3
  6. One in Six Prelude.mp3
  7. One Red Rose.mp3
  8. Our Demands.mp3
  9. Presente'.mp3
  10. Song for Judith.mp3
  11. Song for Karen (On Turning 60).mp3
  12. Spoon of Sand.mp3
  13. Three Faces in a Row.mp3
  14. What Do They Make on Wall Street.mp3
  15. Why Don't You Move to Russia.mp3
  16. Willin' to Be Votin'.mp3

Appears in: Digital Albums

1.    Song For Judith 
2.    What Do They Make on Wall Street? 
3.    One in Six Prelude 
4.    One in Six 
5.    One Red Rose in the Bible 
6.    Kristallnacht Is Coming 
7.    Spoon of Sand  
8.    Our Demands 
9.    Middle Creek 
10.    Song for Karen (on turning 60) 
11.    Three Faces in a Row 
12.    Presenté 
13.    Why Don’t You Move to Russia? 
14.    Willin' To Be Votin' 
15.    Big Al's Gone to Jersey 
16.    It's a Pleasure to Know You