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  1. Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Round (Live).mp3
  2. Bird Bird Bird (Live).mp3
  3. Break 'Em on Down (Live).mp3
  4. Communication Seminar (Live).mp3
  5. Dr. Laura Polka (Live).mp3
  6. Extraordinary Rendition (Live).mp3
  7. Golden Slippers (Live).mp3
  8. Intelligent Design (Live).mp3
  9. It's Not All Right (Live).mp3
  10. Mimi Lavalley and 100 Nuns (Live).mp3
  11. Stand Up (Live).mp3
  12. Walter Reed (Live).mp3
  13. We Are One (Live).mp3
  14. We Don't Need No Stinking Badges (Live).mp3
  15. Who Will Be Next on the Gallows (Live).mp3

Appears in: Digital Albums

  1. Golden Slippers (3:05)
  2. It’s Not All Right (4:28)
  3. We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges (2:56)
  4. Dr. Laura Polka (2:42)
  5. Walter Reed (5:06) 
  6. Who Will Be Next on the Gallows (4:53)
  7. Bird Bird Bird (2:21)
  8. Intelligent Design (3:23)
  9. Communication Seminar (4:43)
  10. We Are One (4:24)
  11. Mimi LaValley and a Hundred Nuns (5:28)
  12. Extraordinary Rendition (2:16)
  13. Stand Up (4:15)
  14. Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round (2:35)
  15. Break ‘Em On Down (2:30)

It was the Winter of 2007.  We traveled (Rick, Andy, Charlie, and Karen) quite a bit that year. There was so much to write and sing about, so many people around the country ready to sing along.  Half of these songs were recorded in Cedar Rapids IA one evening in 2007. The other half were recorded in Santa Cruz CA a year later.

In all the excitement around 2008's election, these recordings seemed briefly to belong to a blissfully bygone era, as we had dreamed they would, and we put 'em on a shelf.

This year these 12-year-old recordings winked at us from the shelf, we decided to share that wink.  15 songs that refuse to go out of date.  Remember the past? It wants the same thing we in the present want: a better future. Let's keep singing for that future.