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Inside Out Digital Album



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  1. Bring Back the Eight Hour Day.mp3
  2. Don't Ask, Don't Tell.mp3
  3. Eight Hours.mp3
  4. If Jimmy Didn't Have to Go.mp3
  5. Inside Out.jpg
  6. Murphy's Overpass.mp3
  7. S&L So Long.mp3
  8. Step by Step.mp3
  9. Step Into the Holy Circle.mp3
  10. The Place We Found for Michael.mp3
  11. The War Has Been Coming Home.mp3
  12. Video Games.mp3
  13. Wrap That Rascal.mp3

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Track List:

1. Step Into The Holy Circle

2. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

3. If Jimmy Didn’t Have To Go

4. Murphy’s Overpass

5. Eight Hours

6. Bring Back The Eight Hour Day

7. Wrap That Rascal!

8. The Place We Found For Michael

9. S & L So Long

10. The War Has Been Coming Home

11. Video Games

12. Step By Step