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Sparks and Tears Digital Album



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  1. Ain 't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around.mp3
  2. Bound for Freedom.mp3
  3. Children of God.mp3
  4. Christmas in the Trenches.mp3
  5. Coming Into My Years.mp3
  6. Don 't Pay Taxes.mp3
  7. Homeland Uber Alles.mp3
  8. If Jimmy Didn 't Have to Go.mp3
  9. Imagine.mp3
  10. Introduction.mp3
  11. Moving Day We Shall Not Be Moved.mp3
  12. Stand Up.mp3
  13. The List.mp3
  14. The Twelve Days of Invasion.mp3

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Charlie King and Karen Brandow Lively in Concert

1. Introduction

2. Bound for Freedom

3. The Twelve Days of Invasion

4. If Jimmy Didn’t Have to Go

5. Don’t Pay Taxes

6. Children of God

7. Homeland Uber Alles

8. Christmas in the Trenches

9. Coming Into My Years

10. Moving Day/We Shall Not Be Moved

11. The List

12. Stand Up

13. Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around

14. Encore