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Higher Ground Digital Album



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  1. From Way Up Here.mp3
  2. Higher Ground.mp3
  3. I Wonder Why.mp3
  4. If Loving You Were a Dangerous Thing.mp3
  5. King of the Whole Wide World.mp3
  6. La Ley de Gravedad.mp3
  7. Mrs. McGrath Revisited.mp3
  8. Our Father (New, revised edition).mp3
  9. Romero.mp3
  10. The Freedom Song.mp3
  11. The Money's Gonna Flow.mp3
  12. The News, The Blues and the People Take II.mp3
  13. Who's Gonna Bail Out Scooter (For Scooter Libby).mp3
  14. Who Will Be Next On the Gallows .mp3
  15. You Can't Buy Me.mp3

Appears in: Digital Albums

Charlie King & Karen Brandow with Tex LaMountain

1. The News, The Blues, and the People, Take II

2. If Loving You Were a Dangerous Thing

3. Who’s Gonna Bail Out Scooter?

4.Who Will Be Next on the Gallows?

5. Higher Ground

6. La Ley de Gravedad [The Law of Gravity]

7. Mrs. McGrath Revisited

8. You Can’t Buy Me

9. King of the Whole Wide World

10. I Wonder Why

11. The Freedom Song

12. The Money’s Gonna Flow

13. Romero

14. From Way Up Here

15. Our Father