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Old Dreams and New Nightmares


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  1. America, Where Did You Go.mp3
  2. An Old Simple Dream.mp3
  3. Do The Continental Walk.mp3
  4. He Had A Dream.mp3
  5. I Don't Feel Sorry for You Mr. Nixon.mp3
  6. Ordinary Love Song.mp3
  7. Pour Yourself Out In Love.mp3
  8. Talking WhipInflation Now Blues.mp3
  9. The Good Ol' CIA.mp3
  10. The Mayaguez Incident.mp3
  11. The Rats Are Winning.mp3
  12. This World Is One.mp3
  13. Time Is A Love Thief.mp3

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1.  Do The Continental Walk

2.  Talkin' Whip Inflation Now Blues

3.  American, Where Did You Go?

4. Time Is A Love Thief

5.  This World Is One

6.  He Had A Dream

7.  The Good Ol' CIA

8.  I Don't Feel Sorry For You Mr. Nixon

9.  Ordinary Love Song

10.  The Rats Are Winning

11.  Pour Yourself Out In Love

12.  The Mayaguez Incident

13.  An Old And Simple Dream