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March 2021 News

I’ve never been prompt on updating my news, but no news for five years? I can’t blame that on the pandemic. Well, better late than never. So, here are some new developments:


As CD sales tank everywhere, I have a mighty supply of CDs in my personal warehouse. The CDs range from 2002 to 2019 and I'm selling each for $5. The two most recent ones were made in partnership with Annie Patterson and with the Prince Myshkins so I can't lower the price, but I can pay the postage, so shipping is free on those. In addition to CDs, I also have some LPs and cassettes on sale. Click here to view the vast array of fine music.

STEPPING UP TO ONLINE PERFORMANCE: Upcoming concerts & collaborations

I've appeared as part of a few virtual concert performances this past year, sponsored by various groups (notably the People’s Music Network [PMN]). I've learned a lot in the process and am now preparing to generate my own online performances. For these virtual events I'll be joined by other performers: Martin Swinger, Julie Beutel, Annie Patterson, Bev Grant, and Lindsey Wilson to name a few. Following a successful PMN concert, Elise Bryant and I are also actively promoting concerts to organizations around the country.

Do you know of any organizations that would sponsor a concert? If so, email me so we can bring our show to you!

And I have a couple of virtual performances lined up for the month of March. Check my calendar for more information and tickets.

VIRTUAL HISTORICAL PERFORMANCE PIECES: coming to a library near you?!

Over the past 30 years I've been creating performances that animate a century of US history in story, song, and image. For an example, click here to see a 10 minute clip from a historical performance piece I did with Karen Brandow titled 1912: Occupy Lawrence. The last work I did before the pandemic struck was a week of library performances in the greater Boston area. Now, other libraries are contacting me to offer these performances as part of their public series'. Ask your library, school, church, or cultural center to do the same!


Meet Grace. After years of foot dragging, sloth, and ignorance I've finally hired a media savvy partner to release the power of my website and generate media presence with a new, music-biz Facebook page interconnected with Twitter and Instagram. Grace is brilliant and will make me appear almost as smart as my kids! If it's your thing, click here to see my new Facebook page, and stay tuned for Twitter and Instagram.

Perhaps a silver lining to this dark, pandemic cloud has been the creative output it has enabled among unemployed artists. I’ve done a bit of songwriting this past year and have sung to larger audiences via online performance. With your support, I hope to do much more.

Posted: to General News on Sun, Feb 21, 2021
Updated: Fri, Apr 2, 2021