Charlie King!

Stealing Fire: The Creation, Use (and Abuse) of Parodies

Stealing Fire: The Creation, Use (and Abuse) of Parodies

Saturday, June 5, 11:00 am until 12:45 pm
Eastern Time - Online

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This workshop is part of the programming at the People's Music Network Summer Convergence. Register for the convergence at the ticket link to attend!

Each presenter will sing a parody, then discuss the writing of it. We will look at the hows and whys of the writing process. The panel discussion will address the process of selecting and re-writing a song, and will include Q&A from workshop attendees. Click here to view a preview video!


  • Charlie King: a musical storyteller and political satirist. He has written & published over 100 parodies, has recorded more than a few, and has yet to be sued for it.
  • Nancy Schimmel:
  • Al Bradbury: Alexandra "Al" Bradbury wrote her first parody while working as a union organizer, during the hours spent standing around a parking lot waiting to talk with workers at shift change. Today she is the editor of the favorite magazine of workplace activists everywhere, Labor Notes.

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